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how to trade forex

,how to trade forex,in south africa,online,for me

How TRADE currencies and most successful dealer of currencies  and be a professional

How trade on currencies and win and be successful dealer and professional Forex

You first have to realize that the most important Mavi process to register your account through a strong and licensed broker to trade strong global currency or foreign currency license.

The online currency trading system in accordance with the margin and contracts available and there are hundreds of intermediate companies.

But first make sure you register your account and open your wallet by a strong and honest broker licensed content reliably strong license withdrawn profits easily with all the services.

Now, after the opening of the portfolio's capital and can be deposited in any DSL company to start a capital is very small and in accordance with what you want.

After that come down or carry on your computer or your mobile phone trading platform or trading platform then stepped in to your account.

Now you are ready to start trading currencies:

You have to examine the market situation and the expectations of the market carefully before you sell or buy any pair of currencies.
You have to do not imply = ventured deal one more than 20% of the total Rasmalk
You can browse sites give forecasts and analyzes of integrated
You have to learn technical and fundamental analysis yourself
Technical analysis is based on Alchertat Almosrat and analysis can teach in a short period from the Internet and YouTube sites.
Fundamental analysis relies on the daily agenda of economic news and the impact of all the news on a particular currency.
Currency trading on margin depends on the point system.
The point is the number one movement from right price currency pairs
For example, the price of the euro against the dollar, 1.2662 if the price went up to 1.2663, the price went up to this point and climbed to 1.2669 if the price went up this 7 points and so on.
The value of each point is equal to 1% of the capital of the deal
If the head of the deal money thousand dollars point is equal to 1 percent of a thousand, or $ 10.
You have the option to sell or buy a pair in every platform.
Choose buy if you expected rise in the currency pair
Select a sale if you expected decline in the currency pair
Select close the deal if you want to get out of the deal
There target profit point to determine the profit target price
A stop loss to select the price point loss
Feel free do not be afraid during Altdahl
Accept profit in order to put a stop loss between 20 to 30 points.

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What is Forex

what is forex trading,what is forex market

Welcome, today, after a lot of requests will be talking about, what is the Forex, many people fear engage in foreign currency trading today we will explain to you what is Forex in short

? What is Forex

Forex is a term used to describe the global currency market and could also be referred to as FX. It is through this market are all Currency converter Global trading. The establishment of this market in 1971 when the global markets have moved from fixed price to variable exchange rates. As a result, the size of the market and of immense liquidity, forex market has become the largest and most important financial markets in the world.

Here are some key features that make up the source of the success 
of this market:

* Foreign exchange market is available 24 hours a day 0.5 days a week
* High trading volume and liquidity in the market provides ease of trading most currencies
* You can make a profit from rising prices and falling at the same time
* You can take advantage of doubling earnings by using the leverage that can be used simple requirements
* The presence of special tools that will help you and let you select your own risk
* Foreign currency market is a transparent and clear market, all you have to do is follow the news and information on the market

Participants in the market

The main participants in the foreign exchange market were: central banks, commercial banks, financial institutions, reserve funds, commercial companies and retail investors. The main reasons for share them in the foreign exchange market are:

Earn a profit from fluctuations in currencies (speculative)
Protection of currency fluctuation, which is derived from the trading of goods and services

 : exchange rate

Forex market plays an indispensable role to determine prices and the global exchange. The exchange rate is the number of units of the country's currency that must be exchanged in order to obtain one unit of the currency of another country. Market exchange rate between two currencies determined by the official and private interaction between participants in foreign exchange in the market prices.

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forex trading

forex trading tutorial,pdf,forex trading hours

welcome our visitors today offer you some explanation for forex 
It is through our website will give you a forex trading strategies,
 also forex trading course, it is through the number of hours that you spend in front of your computer. You may profit-taking, with us we'll tell you the best forex brokers, in order to 
forex trading online

 ? what is forex trading

? What are the trading in foreign currencies

The foreign exchange market (Forex) is a nonstop cash market, currencies are traded in which countries, through intermediaries, of course. The foreign currency purchase and sale on an ongoing basis and at the same time over a local and global markets and increase investment traffickers or decrease in value based on currency movements. Can the foreign exchange market conditions can change at any time in response to events in real time.

The main catalyst for currency trading for private investors and gravity about trading in foreign currency in the short term are: trading 24 hours a day, five days a week, with the entrance does not stop for traders in foreign currencies in the world.

Additional incentives for trading in foreign currencies:

Enormous liquidity to the market to make it easy for trading in most currencies
Volatile markets offer opportunities for profit
Foreign currency standard tools to control the level of risk exposure
Profit potential in the high or low market
Leverage trading strongly with low margin requirements.
Several options for trading without commission

Trading in foreign currencies:

When trading in foreign currencies, trade only when you expect to increase the currency you want to purchase, compared with the currency in which it sells in return value. If the value of the currency rose that I bought, you must re-sell the other currency in order to close a profit. Open trading process (also called open position) is the process of trading, where the shops to purchase or sell a particular currency pair and has yet to resell or buy the equivalent amount to close that center.

However, it is estimated that between 70% to 90% of the foreign exchange market is speculation. Last, the person or company that bought or sold the currency in the sense not really have a plan in the currency received in the end, but it was the only conflict on the movement of that particular currency.

exchange rate:

Because currencies are traded in pairs and are trading with each other when traded, the price at which trading is done at the exchange rate is called. The majority of currencies are traded against the US dollar (USD). And the four most actively traded currencies thus is the euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), Pound Sterling (GBP) and Swiss franc (CHF). These five currencies make up the majority of the market and are called major currencies or "Home." The intervention of some sources, the Australian dollar (AUD) is also set to the majors.

Margin - the amount of risk it:

You need banks and / or trading via the Internet service providers guarantee to ensure that the investor can pay in case of loss. Guarantee is called the margin and is also known as minimum security in the foreign exchange markets. In practice, the margin is a deposit to the trader's account is intended to cover any losses in trading currencies in the future.

Margin of investors can trade in markets where high minimum units of trading by allowing them to retain greater than the value of the status of their account. Margin trading increases the rate of profit, but they tend to inflate rates of loss, as well as the overall risk.

Leverage strongly funding:

Altamoabakoh leverage, any use of credit, such as the purchase deal is what the margin, and is very common in foreign currencies. The loan is secured in the margin trading account through your initial deposit. This can result in the possibility of trading the amount of up to US $ 100,000 in the amount of US $ 1000 a few. Can a relatively small movement in the market to have a significant impact on the proportion of funds deposited by or that you deposited. And this can work against you. Where you can incur a total loss of the margin funds deposited and any additional funds deposited to maintain Bmraczk in the market.

Five ways investors can be traded in foreign currency, either directly or indirectly:

Direct market
Contracts and future-oriented
Options Contracts
Contracts difference
Bet on the difference


The trading of foreign currency risk. There are ways to minimize the risk as a selection is to stop the loss of the process